Fluffy Foam! Adorable 3D Art Latte in Saitama

Before coming to Japan, I was that kind of boyish girl with super short hair and didn’t really care about appearances, leave alone flowers and lovely stuffs. Even 3 years ago me wouldn’t believe if someone said I’ll be the way I am now. But you changed as where you have been living, didn’t you?Continue reading “Fluffy Foam! Adorable 3D Art Latte in Saitama”

Hello! You who stumbled upon here…

Welcome, welcome! It’s been a long time since the last time I do blog. Maybe it has been more than 6 years ago during my junior high school years. I don’t remember why did I stop, but the important thing is I found out why I should start over again! I originally planned to justContinue reading “Hello! You who stumbled upon here…”